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PASADENA Texas — A Texas man faces murder charges after telling police he killed his wife, stabbing her 20 times.

To make matters worse, the woman was also pregnant.

"I'm frustrated I'm angry I'm sad," said Pasadena Police Chief Paul Bruegger.

Pasadena's police chief outraged after the murder of a young mother that he says never should have happened.

"In my opinion these bail decisions are responsible at least in part for the death of Caitlynne Guajardo on Saturday."

22-year-old Alex Guajardo called 9-1-1 Saturday afternoon confessing to his wife's murder.

Caitlynne already a mother to an 8 month old, was four months pregnant.

"He had a large amount of blood on his pants. She had multiple stab wounds approximately 20, several to her abdomen and one to her throat," said Chief Bruegger.

Guajardo told police the couple was going through marital problems.

"He did state that he stabbed her in the stomach multiple times because he didn't want another man to raise his baby."

Pasadena Police Chief Paul Bruegger says Guajardo's recent arrests in May and July for DWI, and assault on a family member that led to a protective order should have kept him behind bars, but guajardo was given personal recognizance bonds.

"He was released from Harris County Jail on August 1 on a PR bond with no conditions."

Two days later Caitlynne was dead.

"How many arrests and PR bonds does a person get before it's enough? How many murders are going to have to take place before we wake up and realize this is not the right path forward."

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Texas man stabs pregnant wife 20 times